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The Bitcoin Buzz – Is it fading or still luring?

Bitcoin is the world’s first completely decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency. Unlike currencies in the conventional banking system, Bitcoin works without a central bank or system administrator and transactions are usually priced for a minimal fee, or most of the time, for free. Bitcoin is the […]

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How to pick a growth stock?

While picking a growth stock one should look at the expected price appreciation, with the target an investor may want to achieve. Such stocks might be trading higher than their intrinsic value but can still make big leaps going forward. Sometimes a stock with a […]

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Are penny stocks a waste of money?

Penny stocks are generally the ones that are famous for providing promising returns and tremendous growth over time and add to the investment diversification strategy. Valued generally at a price less than a dollar, the penny stocks have low market capitalisation which varies between $50 […]

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