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What is the importance of PE Ratio?

Price-to-earnings (PE) ratio is one of the most widely used financial ratios in the world in equity parlance. Usually, investors love to check the PE multiple of the stock while analysing it before making an investment. PE ratio helps an investor to calculate the price […]

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Dividend Vs Growth Dilemma?

With the emerging scenario where dividend and growth play pivotal roles in many investment decisions, investors generally get attracted to dividends because of the benefits incurred from the franking credits against what is reaped through low-interest bearing term deposits. However, it is to be analysed […]

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Is the Crypto-mania ending soon?

Friday marked a slamming on cryptocurrencies with about $100 billion being wiped off from the global cryptocurrency market in a span of just 24 hours at the back of major selling. Bitcoin price plunged by over 15% to slide below $9,000. The digital currency saw […]

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